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"Heshan Industrial Co., Ltd." was founded in 1988, focusing on die-casting all kinds of zinc alloy products, such as stationery, hand tools, garment hardware, shoe hardware, furniture hardware, electronic parts, mechanical hardware, etc...hardware product development. Passed down from the founders, in line with "strict quality" and "proper service", the business philosophy of "customer first" and "professional technology", have developed tens of thousands of products, which have won the trust of customers.
The company has experienced decades of development experience, constantly trying, challenging new things, devoting itself to exploring, researching and overcoming all difficulties, and it has won the favor of many customers. From mold development to zinc die-casting production → vibration grinding → polishing → electroplating and baking → assembly and other consistent operations, we provide high-quality product and high-quality services. In the pursuit of perfection and steady growth, it meets the needs of the market and the needs of consumers.
We hope that we are not only the best supplier for our customers, but also a good partner for growth. Our efforts come from your affirmation. We invite professionals to provide design drawings and samples. We will make the most satisfactory products for you with the most honest service and reasonable prices.
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